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Differences between Prosecco and Franciacorta - Proseccando

Differences between Prosecco and Franciacorta

One of the most famous sparkling wine in the world, besides Prosecco, is the Franciacorta. 

Franciacorta is a region of 2000 hectares in Brescia province. During the last fifty years, Franciacorta has become the synonym of the DOCG sparkling wine produced in the vineyards located in this area. 

Differences between Prosecco and Franciacorta

We want to delete every doubt: Prosecco and Franciacorta are not the same wine, also if they both are Italian sparkling wines.

Le differenze tra Prosecco e FranciacortaThe only thing they have in common is being spumanti (sparkling wines). This is the same only similarity between Prosecco and Champagne.  (We already told you something about it on our article about the differences between Prosecco and Champagne – LINK )  



Franciacorta is produced through the metodo classico or champenoise method (yes, the Franciacorta is being created like the Champagne – LINK) and it has a fine perlage.

How is the Prosecco made? The Prosecco is produced through the Martinotti or Charmat method, with a re-fermentation in autoclaves


The Prosecco is composed in majority by the glera grape. The Franciacorta instead is composed by the same grapes than Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir e blanc

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