Colli_Prosecco_ Farra Soligo _ Treviso _veneto

This image has been taken in Farra di Soligo, from San Lorenzo’s church. In the far distance you can see the little town of Col San Martino and the Montello hills. The vineyards are everywhere and they have the distinctive “Rive” shape

This picture has been taken during a sunrise in a winter morning. The “Isola dei Morti” is a little island in the Piave river,  facing Moriago della Battaglia (TV). During the World War I, in this area took place the attack that let to Vittorio Veneto conquering and the end of the World War. This had been possible thanks to the sacrifice of very young soldiers: 19-years old “Ragazzi del ’99” (those soldiers were born on 1899)

In the following days were found many dead bodies on this little island and the Piave river water was red.

Isola Morti _ alba _Inverno _Veneto

Colli_Prosecco_DOCG_ Valdobbiadene

November: this is the panorama you can see in this season while heading down the road that connects Guia and Santo Stefano. This is the Prosecco DOCG production area near Valdobbiadene. The fog is underlining the autumn atmosphere.

The breathtaking view from via Mire Basse in San Pietro di Feletto. In every season you can stare at this beautiful panorama. In the far distance you can see the Montello.

Vista da San Pietro di Feletto _ prosecco_colli


The “Molinetto della Croda” is one of the most beautiful location in this area. The primitive foundations of the Molinetto are based on the bare rock of the mountain, named the “croda”. It had been working until 1953, now it is a property of the Comune di Refrontolo and people can visit it

From Ottobre to Novembre the hills are very colorful and when the fog arises it creates a magic atmosphere. This is a little place near the Prosecco DOCG ares borders, view from the street that leads to Vittorio Veneto (Treviso)

Winery Tanorè Prosecco Rive

This is the hills slope. Here the harvest can be only done by hand in order to work in safety and to ensure the high quality. This picture has been taken from Tanorè winery, near the “Osteria Senz’Oste”, between Valdobbiadene and Santo Stefano towns.

The Farra di Soligo area always gives you breathtaking panorama. This picture has been taken from the little church of  San Vigilio. You can see the hills of Farra di Soligo and Col San Martino. Right at the center of the  shot you can see the Colle di San Martino church.

View From San Vigilio Chiesa

Santo Stefano Valdobbiadene

Heading to Valdobbiadene, you will cross San Pietro di Barbozza. Here we are in the Prosecco DOCG heart, very close to the precious Cartizze vineyards. The picture has been taken at the end of September, during an autumn afternoon.