La Vigna di Sarah. Sleeping in the wine barrels

You start perceiving how “La Vigna di Sarah” special is when you start approaching: big, giant wine barrels smile from the hill where the winery is based.

The first thing that will keep your attention will be the breathtaking panorama on the vineyards. Observing it from the beautiful dehors you can already imagine the laughing and the clinking of the glasses during the nice evenings in spring and summer.

This imagined joy will soon be underlined by Mr. Proseccone greetings, he always exit busy but with a huge smile from his kitchen.

An open smile and the typical Naples hospitality are perfectly matching with this classical Veneto panorama amongst the vineyards in the province of Treviso.

Michael Esposito is the winery export manager but he is also the life of the parties when the winery has guests. Born in the USA from an Italian family that made his fortune with restaurants, he went back to Italy bringing an international approach without losing his “verace” touch. If you let home surround you with his funny storytelling, he will demonstrate you how South Italy cooking is perfectly paring with the Prosecco perfumes.

“La Vigna di Sarah” also wants to have a freshman original approach to the Prosecco DOCG production. A nice label is 

GRAPPOLI DI LUNA, a Prosecco that is producet with grapes coming from the night harvest. With this method they can use the fresh air of the night to slow down the grapes fermentation maintaining aromas and perfumes.

it is a creamy sparkling wine “Spumante” with an extremely fine and persistent perlage, the color is pale yellow.

With a delicate scent, this Prosecco DOCG Brut delivers aromatic and even exotic fragrances, as the passion fruit. After its rich and creamy perlage, this wine presents a delicate bouquet flavor . Very persistent.

Excellent wine for accompanying fish based dishes or fish tartare





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