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How to sabre Prosecco - Sabrage! How to sabre Prosecco - Proseccando

Sabrage! How to sabre Prosecco

In this blog post we will exlain you how to sabre a Prosecco bottle 

Sabrage… do you know this term? It comes from the french word “sabre”, saber, and it describes a very particular method to open champagne bottles or other sparkling wines, including obviously Prosecco. (Our blog is explaining everything about Prosecco)

Where did sabrage originate?

It’s a technique which became popular in the post-revolutionary France within the Napoleon’s army: as a weapon his light cavalry had the saber and they used to celebrate the (various) victories by opening the bottles with this technique. Today this heritage remained and it is a very scenic way to “uncork” the bottles of sparkling wine.

How to sabre a Prosecco bottle - Andreola Dirupo Magnum
Our sabre of the Prosecco DOCGMagnum Andreola Dirupo, 3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso award winning

Can you sabre Prosecco? Yes! How to sabre a Prosecco bottle

It seems complicated but actually it isn’t: you just need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. First, the bottle must be very cold, approximately between 3 and 6 degrees.
  2. The tinfoil and the muselet must be removed, even if about the second there are different opinions (theoretically it should be opened, moved up a little bit and closed again on the ring just under the cork, see 2’08” on the video)
  3. then the blade must be placed on the seam of the bottle slid down firmly along the neck, while holding the bottle with the other hand with an angle between 30 and 40 degreesImportant: the saber must be held in order to use the spine and not the edge.

We are training in sabering Prosecco bottles. Have you seen our sabrage videos? Here is the link to our stories on Instagram

How to sabre a Prosecco bottle without a saber

If you don’t have a saber, you can use a knife of appropriate size, or let your imagination go… there are people who are able to do it with the base of a wine glass, a lady shoe heel, a credit card…. on internet you can easily find videos which are proving that! (For example the video here below produced by Food52 )

How about a sabrage with a credit card?

The idea of using a credit card to sabre is funny but it may ruin your payment methods. During our online research about sabering, we found an e-commerce that is selling sabrage credit cards: it is called Sabragecard. You can also customize them!

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